Half Day Private Golf Clinic 

The Half Day Private Clinic starts with a 5 hole on course game assessment. The remainder of the clinic will focus on tuition on the following areas, putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, irons and woods. Each area of the game is stress tested to isolate your ability in each part of the game to ascertain which areas need technical work and more practice time. This clinic is ideal for those who need a crash course to get their game going in the right direction again, corporate team building and preparation for upcoming tournaments.

Cost is €200 for individual, €110 each for 2 people, €80 each for 3 people

30 Minute Private Lesson

Whether you want to hit it straighter, longer, higher, lower or just hit the ball the 30 Minute Private lesson is perfect for those who need a quick fix or want a few things to work on while they are practising. We use super slow motion video cameras and simple language for swing analysis and we will provide video voice over tips for your later practice.

Cost €35

6 Lesson Package

Get 6 private coaching sessions for the price of 5. This package is perfect for those who want to improve all aspects of their game over a period of time and is also ideal for the beginner golfer who wants to learn the right way before hitting the course. We use super slow motion video cameras, launch monitor technology and simple language for swing analysis and we will provide video voice over tips for your later practice.

Cost €180

1 Hour Putting Clinic

Putting is one of the most neglected parts of the game when it comes to practice yet it accounts for nearly half of the shots in a round of golf and an as one of only a handful of Certified Putting Instructors in the country there is no better person than Ian to guide you in the right direction. You will have your stroke analysed on the HMP Stroke Analysis System and also with super slow motion video. After working on all aspects of your stroke the clinic then moves onto distance control and green reading while also giving you some 'Putting Health Checks' to be doing in your own practice. This is a must for anyone who has struggled on the greens. 

Cost €65

8 Week Coaching Program

For the golfer who is serious about improving their game, this program encompasses all areas of the game from technique to strategy to course management to golf psychology and fitness for golf. Each program is tailored to the individual after an initial consultation. Practice plans and online coaching are also available with this program.